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Passion Meets Purpose.

Pierce Unlimited doesn't just provide professional media and design, we're also involved in gaming, music, merchandise, and more.


Our collectible pop culture and gaming-inspired merchandise is suitable for all ages.


Dive into our e-learning workshops to gain knowledge and a variety of topics.


Our gaming team, Quit The Build is a network of gamers, streamers, and content creators.


Whether it's live drumming or EDM artist BEATette, our music section is taking off.

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Image by sadeq shahsvan


Pushing the limits of our own creativity.

At Pierce Unlimited, we continually strive to innovate and expand our reach within the social media and pop culture realm. Whether creating nerdy merchandise like stickers and enamel pins, or producing music and playing live gigs. With so many passions in life, it's hard to pick and choose just one.

On top of his artistic ability, Bruno has been playing drums for 20 years. Self-taught with a natural pocket groove, Bruno taught himself to read music and joined his high school drum line. While in the drum line, he was taught by former Drum Corp International instructors on dynamics, feel, and technique. He continues to drum and perform live on a bi-weekly basis.

Continuing the legacy and improving the future.

Bruno started his career by creating content for his own YouTube channel, iONURB consisting of short comedy sketches, music videos, viral gaming videos, and live animation. He took that passion and created a team of fellow gamers called Quit The Build, consisting of other gamers, streamers, and content creators. This team of streamers and gamers allow Pierce Unlimited to test new technology, seek other professional guidance in respective fields, and analyze the gaming industry.

Taking his knowledge of pop culture and video games, Bruno set forth to create and release his own gaming-inspired merchandise through stickers, enamel pins, t-shirts, and more. Launching two successful Kickstarter campaigns, Bruno continues to create pop culture merchandise delivered to customers the world over.

All of these passions and personal endeavors, led by Bruno, encompass the ideals we strive to set at Pierce Unlimited. 

Image by Lorenzo Herrera
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