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Get to know me and my background.



Bruno Pierce, Multimedia Specialist-

Owner & Artist

I'm Bruno! For nearly 15 years, I've been submerged in all things growth marketing; designing professional content, producing personal artwork, and helping serve the needs of clients and businesses across the world.

I graduated from Shepherd University with a degree in Communication & New Media with a focus on Motion Graphic Animation and a minor in Graphic Design. While attending college, I managed my own budding social media presence on YouTube back in 2007 with over 25,000 subscribers. As an original YouTube Partner, I was featured on the Top 100 list of partnered channels throughout 2008. My channel was at the forefront of the gaming movement on YouTube where I pioneered innovative viral video game content amassing millions of views.

Passion Meets Purpose

My social media experience and expertise launched my career, providing fantastic opportunities with social media and tech companies in Silicon Valley.

My passion for video games prompted me to begin selling my gaming-inspired illustrations as merchandise through Amazon Handmade, Etsy, TeePublic, and Amazon Merch. Producing stickers, enamel pins, t-shirts, and other collectibles, I've sold over 15,000 units to customers worldwide, gaining over 500 five-star reviews. I also launched two successful Kickstarter projects where we exceeded our goal by 400%.

The stark contrast between corporate design and personal artwork prompted me to launch Pierce Unlimited. A bridge between my passion and purpose. A showcase of my skills, expertise, and experience. From music and art to analytics and corporate design- Pierce Unlimited encompasses all of my endeavors and pursuits.

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